OIHS Families Urgently Need Your Support

Dear Friend of Oakland International,


We hope this finds you as healthy and well as possible during this unprecedented and destabilizing time. OIHS has now been closed for over two weeks, and our team is doing all that we can to support continued learning while also connecting families to vital resources--health resources, internet services, unemployment support, emergency relief funds, eviction halts, food access, and more. This is a time full of fear and uncertainty but we are also filled with love and appreciation for our community. We are coming together, as we always do in times of crisis, to support one another.


We know that many people are facing uncertainty and financial challenges right now. For those of you who are not, or who may have a little extra to spare right now for those less fortunate, we are inviting you to contribute to OIHS's Emergency Fund for Newcomer Families. We are also, as we always do and always will, fundraising for student scholarships. While there are more pressing and immediate needs, our students have worked so hard in preparation for college and we want to make sure they are supported once they get there.


We send you our best wishes and highest hopes for healthy, safety, and community.




The OIHS Family

Contribute to Families in Need

The vast majority of OIHS families have lost their jobs due to coronavirus closures. While our staff members are working hard to support our community members to apply for unemployment benefits, many of our families do not & will not qualify for unemployment or federal stimulus money. Meanwhile, many families are living in informal rental arrangements that are not protected by the recent eviction freeze. Families are facing deep insecurity, and need our help now. 


OIHS is setting up an Emergency Fund for Newcomer Families to provide direct financial support our highest-need community members--those who don't qualify for other financial support--to be able to survive this crisis. Your funds will support students and families to pay their rent, phone and utility bills, and to purchase food and other critical items.

Will you contribute?
Support the Opening Doors Scholarship

Normally this time of year, we are fundraising exclusively for student scholarships to support OIHS students--who are often the first in their families to attend college--as they embark on their college journeys next year. But these are not normal times. While there are urgent financial needs facing our families, our students will still need support as they head into their first year of college, and for many of them, college remains a bright light on the horizon of these bleak times.

Here's how you can support student scholarships:

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Thank you for your support, now and always.