How to Enroll at OIHS


All new students must first enroll at Oakland Unified School District Student Assignment Office.  It is located at 746 Grand Ave, Portable A. Oakland CA.  The hours are 8 am-2 pm. 



For New Students to the District:

New students who have never been enrolled at an OUSD school before must bring the following required documents in order to enroll your child:

  • Driver's license, California ID card or Valid Passport of the parent/guardian

  • 3 documents verifying your current Oakland address, including any of the following: utility bills, rental agreements, automobile registration, property tax statement, homeowners or renters insurance statements, an official letter from a government/social service agency

  • Birth certificate is required for age and guardianship verification

  • Student's immunization records

  • Student's transcript or most recent report card



Oakland Unified School District Student Assignment Office

746 Grand Ave, Portable A. Oakland CA


Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm

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