A Soccer Field at OIHS:

A Space for the power of play



Issues Addressed


OIHS students will have year round field access:  With the addition of a soccer field, OIHS students will have access to a PE and soccer practice space year round.


Critical lack of field space in Oakland: Field space in Oakland is a precious commodity. Many of the youth who could benefit most from sports programming are excluded from playing sports because there is no place for programs to happen. Our kids need more places to play, the OIHS Soccer Field has the opportunity to provide field access for 1,000 kids per week.


Gender equity in sports participation: Currently, the Oakland Tech Baseball field only provides access for baseball, a sport only played by boys. Title IX mandates that girls have equal access to athletic opportunities and facility use as boys. As a multipurpose field, the OIHS Soccer Field will encourage girls participation in sports. Not only will more girls play soccer because of easier/safer access to field space, the field will also be available for girls sports from Oakland Tech and the broader community after OIHS use hours.



Access for immigrant and refugee students to safe, quality recreational facilities: Throughout Oakland, recently arrived refugee and immigrant students are less likely then their American born peers to access programs and facilities for recreational activities. The OIHS Soccer Field will be the only space in Oakland that newcomer youth have a sense of ownership and feel at home, and where recently arrived families can regularly access


Community safety and community involvement: Community safety is a much debated issued in the Temescal community. We believe community safety can only be achieved if we provide more resources, more programs and more support for our youth. The OIHS Soccer Field will provide youth with a safe place for structured activities. The field will also attract more people into the neighborhood, benefiting local businesses and engaging more people in the OIHS community.