A Soccer Field at OIHS:

A Space for the power of play

Mashable: United by Soccer, Kids From 32 Countries Fight for a Field

Kate Sommers-Dawes | April 8, 2014


OAKLAND, Calif. — The soccer players at Oakland International High School speak 33 languages and come from 32 different countries and, though the beautiful game unites them, they can't play it the way other kids do because their school lacks a key facility: a pitch.


The students, who are refugees, asylees and recent immigrants from far-flung places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria, have grown fed up with the skinned knees and missed practices that come with playing on asphalt. So they've banded together in an online, grassroots campaign to petition the Oakland School Board to help them build a proper place to play.



Laura Anthony | March 18, 2014
OAKLAND, Calif. --There's a turf battle between two Oakland schools -- baseball and soccer players at odds over space. The showdown is over Ricky Henderson Field at Oakland International High School. There is a baseball diamond, but nowhere for the soccer team to practice and play.They're just coming off an appearance in the state rec league finals, but the soccer team is without its own field. They practice on cement.


SFGate: Oakland schools should team up, not compete, on field space

Chip Johnson | March 25, 2014

There are more than 100 soccer players atOakland International High School who want what the boys of summer at Oakland Technical High School have: a field of their own.
These days, the soccer players practice - and take their lumps - on an asphalt parking lot at the school.


How Youth Learn: Learning by Heart: Soccer as Unifier at Oakland International High School

Kathleen Cushman | February 22, 2014
OAKLAND, CA — If you are a new student at Oakland International High School, there comes a point—after the district has tested your low English level, after your intake interview, after your long journey by city bus to the low-slung school building in the Temescal neighborhood—when you will find yourself alone and afraid in the Tower of Babel.


EAST BAY EXPRESS: Oakland International High School Students Petition OUSD to Create Soccer Field in Temescal

Angela Rowell | March 10, 2014
Oakland International High School currently lacks a soccer field. Without access to a regular practice space, students who participate in the popular Soccer Without Borders program have been playing soccer on an unsafe stretch of asphalt behind the school. In response, students are petitioning the Oakland Unified School District to create a multipurpose field space that will service the needs of OIHS students and provide a safe recreational facility for youth in the broader East Bay community.


InsideBayArea: Tensions rise in baseball vs. soccer feud at Oakland high schools

Doug Oakley | March 11, 2014

OAKLAND -- All they want is some grass to play soccer on, something more forgiving than the hard asphalt parking lot they use now.And when the newly arrived immigrants and refugees at Oakland International High School look at the huge expanse of fenced-off grass behind their school used exclusively by the Oakland Technical High School baseball team, they can't help but wonder, why can't we use that?


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