A Soccer Field at OIHS:

A Space for the power of play

We would like to create "Temescal Fields" - a multi-sport recreational space at Oakland International High School:

  •  The dual-use facility would include building a soccer field to serve the needs of the students of Oakland International High School while preserving the current baseball field.


  • Convert the current baseball only facility to a dual purpose baseball-softball facility. This would allow Oakland Tech’s baseball and softball teams to share the fields.


  • Add a retractable outfield fence to accommodate the different needs of high school baseball, softball and little league. The fence would also retract in order to create a

  • full size soccer field. 


  • Allow for the community’s use of the soccer, softball, and baseball facilities when it is not in use by OUSD sports teams. 


  • Add lights for nighttime/evening use and improved safety along 48th Avenue.


      • available for use by the community and leagues such as the Jack London Youth Soccer League, and the Alameda-Contra Costa Youth Soccer League.be also beThe field will

      During the non-baseball season, the field will transform into a

    • full size soccer field and will be the home field for OIHS soccer. 

    • During the baseball season, the baseball/softball field will serve as Oakland Tech’s home field.

      • Additionally, on weekends, little league groups such as North Oakland/South Oakland Little League, Oakland Cal Ripken-Babe Ruth Baseball League, the Metropolitan Junior Baseball Team and American Legion Baseball will continue to have access to the field for community games

    The fields at Oakland International High School will maximize resources and serve as many students and community members as possible.