Growing Interventions at OIHS

OIHS students arrive on the clock ticking: they only have a few years to learn English, earn the required graduation credits, and pass the high school exit exam. OIHS continues to expand our academic interventions to give students the extra support they need to graduate high school in the U.S.

This summer was OIHS's largest summer school ever--with over 250 students from schools throughout the district. In addition to academic classes in English Language Development, Biology (taught by OIHS's very own Geoff Gailey) and Algebra (taught by OIHS's very own Andrea Negrete), students got to enjoy some summer sunshine by participating in after school gardening and soccer!

OIHS has also expanded its academic program to include after-school intervention classes focusing on Literacy and Math skills. Roughly 40% of students are enrolled in these classes, which meet three days/week after school. "7th period" is designed to reinforce OIHS' dedication to support students with interrupted education- students who come to OIHS with gaps in their formal education. Hooray, academic interventions!



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