OIHS Student Advocates for Fellow Immigrants

12th grader Carlos Sura came to the United States as an unaccompanied minor four years ago, long before the most recent influx to the United States. Since he began at Oakland International High School, he has grown tremendously as a student and as a speaker of English--and we are so proud of his recent article on the PBS Newshour's Education Blog applauding President Obama's recent immigration program.

carlos pbs 2.png

"My parents will be able to apply to get a work permit and work legally here. If they get their papers, we will not have to worry anymore that they might be deported. We can just work hard for a better future for our family. We're trying to make a good life because now that we're in this country, we have a lot of benefits: we can get a good education, a job with a good salary, and we don't have those same opportunities in our home country. And here, we don't feel worried about the gangs anymore. We feel safe."

Carlos is using his voice to advocate for his fellow im

migrant community. He writes, "I agree with Obama that we should be deporting felons, and not families. Families like mine are just here to have a good life and contribute to the community. We don't want to destroy this country. We just want to make it a better place to live-for us, and for all Americans."

Carlos and his family's story were also featured on the PBS Newhour show in January. Watch this segment about OIHS's inspiring students, and how we are working hard to support their needs.

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