A Soccer Field at OIHS:

A Space for the power of play

"Soccer is my love, passion, and the soccer team is my family. Having space to play in at our school will keep us safe and will reduce the danger of playing on the cement or the danger of going far away from school to practice."

– Gaby-Guatemala, Age 17

"Soccer is more than just a sport. We identify ourselves with soccer. Being at my school team helped when I first came to America. I felt that here is where I belong to. I wish that by building the field you help more other students."​

– Abednego-Guatemala, Age 17​

"Remembering one year ago when I first arrived to United States, I wasn't able to speak much of English. Today I say thank you to my soccer team. You have helped adapt with the new life here. Having the field at our school will definitely make it easier for many other students to come and participate."
 – Mohammed-Yemen, Age 18​

"I love soccer. I love it so much I can’t describe. 95% of the world loves soccer. We have immigrants from all the countries. Soccer makes us a big family. We are on the same team here. We want a field because we have been practicing on the cement. Sometimes we fear we will be hurt, and it’s not comfortable. On turf, if you fall, you will be fine."
– Alexander– Eritrea, Age 18​

"I grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand. They only had boys’ soccer there. I learned to play soccer here starting in 9th grade. I want to improve my skills. Now we don’t have a place to practice."
 – Aye Htoo–Burma, Age 18​

"I think soccer is a very powerful universal language. It gives us the opportunity to connect with one another without really sharing verbal communication. In the world of sports not everyone speaks the same language so not everyone is able to connect with each other. Soccer give you that opportunity. I think there is a lot of reason why soccer is important, but one of the most important thing about soccer is the power to make friends."
 – Coach Tet-Burma, Age 21