Viet To Memorial Fund for Outdoor Exploration

The Viet To Memorial Fund, named for a former student of OIHS, is dedicated to helping Oakland International High School's newcomer immigrant students get outside to enjoy and learn about the beautiful natural environment of the Bay Area.


Funds are used to help teachers fund field trips and hikes to local parks including Redwood Park, Temescal Park, Tilden, Point Reyes, Big Basin, Muir Woods and more. ​

How to Donate

Please consider donating to the Viet To Memorial Fund to provide newcomer students access to the outdoors- an opportunity for exploration and adventure, a chance to connect to their new homes and to one another, and a therapeutic experience in nature.


You can send a check or donate online, by putting "OIHS Viet To Fund" in the comment box / memo line. Checks can be sent to Oakland Public Education Fund, PO Box 71005, Oakland, CA 94612 

About Viet To

Viet came to the Bay Area in 2011 from Vietnam. He arrived as an “unaccompanied minor,”  having been rescued by the US Coast Guard from an illegal fishing boat in the Sea of Japan. He was placed with an American family in the Oakland Hills and enrolled in OIHS, since he spoke almost no English. He grew up in the countryside in north-central Vietnam, where he developed a love of nature, often walking in the rice fields at Sunset.


Viet loved hiking in all of these parks and visited them with school groups, with his American parents, his friends and his girlfriend Nhi Nguyen, another former student of OIHS. He had many wonderful teachers and experiences at OIHS. 


Viet was tragically killed in an automobile accident in October of 2017. The goal of the fund is to help other OIHS students learn about and enjoy the Bay Area’s natural environment, in honor of Viet To’s life.