A Soccer Field at OIHS:

A Space for the power of play

Why We Need A New Field

  •  7 years ago, Oakland Tech’s baseball community came together to create a beautiful and amazing field for their players. Unfortunately, they located their field behind our school, converting the old PE field space into a baseball field. We say unfortunately, because it has had a terrible impact on our school’s sports programing.


  • At Oakland International, we play soccer, not baseball. Soccer is an international sport that brings all cultures together. At OIHS, we are crazy about the sport. There are 90 of us that play each week, including 30 girls that are playing on the first team of their lives.


  • Our biggest problem is we don’t have a field to play with any regularity. When we are allowed, we practice on the outfield of the baseball field. However, we are not allowed to use the field for much of the year. For 5-6 months, OIHS has no dedicated field space for soccer practice.

    • ​​Between February and June of baseball season, we cannot practice because Oakland Tech baseball exclusively uses the field.

    • In November and December we can’t use the field because it is being reseeded - for Oakland Tech baseball.


  • Sometimes we are provided with 2 days a week of field space at Oakland Tech. However, many times, we have no place to play at all. For example, in November and December of this year, we had no alternative except to play on a concrete lot for 10 weeks. Unfortunately, this can cause terrible injuries if someone falls. 


The situation seems really unfair.

  • Why is Oakland Tech baseball controlling access to the only field at OIHS?

  • Why don’t we have access to a field at our own school?

  • If Oakland Tech baseball players deserve their own beautiful field behind our school, can’t we have a soccer field?

  • Isn’t there a way for us all to have access to quality sports facilities?